Param Thakkar

An aspiring software engineer


Hi there 👋

Here's a bit about me:

I'm a first year student studying CS @ Waterloo. I like to design and code websites, apps, bots, games, and everything in between! This website is kinda like my personal showcase, so feel free to check out my stuff out or find me here:

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💼 Currently working on: TweetRacer

🎵 Current favourite song: Kokomo

📺 Currently watching: Breaking Bad


These are some of the side projects I've worked on in my free time. Check out my GitHub for the full list!

1pt URL Shortener

A simple-to-use URL shortener with protection against malicious redirects

Meme Adviser

A Reddit bot that analyzes the stock market at r/MemeEconomy


A command-line-interface that generates word clouds from YouTube videos

Better Markus

A chrome extension that improves the MarkUs UI

Auto Covid Screening

A bookmarklet that automates your daily Ontario covid screening


A Telegram bot that posts scheduled quizzes using a list of questions from Google Sheets

Discord Emoji

A convenient tool to convert text into emoji markup that Discord understands

URL Checker

A GitHub action that tests markdown files for broken links


A python script that tracks and graphs a Reddit user's karma over time

Email Status

A site that validates whether a given email address exists, as well as if it's disposable or not


A microblog of cool things I've done

TC Disrupt

September 2023

Attended TechCrunch Disrupt 2023


September 2023

Attended HackMIT


July 2023

Went parasailing!


June 2023

Attended the Collision startup conference

Judge @ JAMHacks

June 2023

Judged at JAMHacks 7

Judge @ hack::peel

December 2022

Was a hackathon judge for hack::peel

SWE Intern @ Pulley

July 2022

Started my software engineer internship at Pulley, a Series A Y-Combinator startup based in San Francisco

Schulich Leader Scholarship

May 2022

Offered the Schulich Leader Scholarship (valued at $100,000) from the University of Toronto

Coder Cookies

August 2021

Became a Code Coach at Coder Cookies


August 2021

I went skydiving!


July 2021

Completed the Shad program virtually at the York University campus

Lighthouse Hacks

April 2021

Organized Lighthouse Hacks - a virtual hackathon with over 200 participants from 10 countries

Coding Club

October 2020

Started an online coding club at my school

Canada Learning Code Ambassador

September 2020

Became a Teen Ambassador for Canada Learning Code

AP Computer Science Exam

July 2020

Recieved the highest possible score of 5 on the AP Computer Science A Exam

CANHack Mentor

July 2020

Mentored at Brampton Library’s virtual hackathon

Skills Ontario

June 2020

Represented Peel District School Board at the Virtual Skills Ontario coding competition

Hack the North

September 2019

Attended Canada’s largest hackathon held at the University of Waterloo

100 Days of Running

May 2019

Completed the 100 Days of Running challenge and received a platinum medal

3rd Place at Startup Weekend

November 2018

Presented StoAR at the 54-hour TechStars Startup Weekend. The demo was pitched to a panel of judges, including an investor from Dragon’s Den, and received third place

First Place Pitch at Hackathon

September 2018

Came first for pitching Mathu at the 24-hour Imagine Hackathon in Brampton

Basic Aviation

August 2018

Successfully completed a 3-week summer training course at CFB Trenton as a cadet in the Aviation Wing

First Place in Gauss

May 2017

Ranked first place from my school Allan A. Martin, for writing the Gauss Math Contest

App of the Month

January 2017

Received the Most Creative App of the Month from MIT App Inventor for my app Spellbind


I'm planning to add more stuff here. In the meantime here's my resume.

Certificates | School projects

Cool links

A running list of websites or projects that I think are cool

ScanSeq The True Size NVIDIA GauGAN World Airports Voronoi The Uncensored Library Library of Babel MIT Hacks Nand to Tetris Conway's Game of Life Itty.bitty Evolution Ideal monitor rotation Responsive pixel art Minecraft computer Desmos art Drive & Listen Two-way door decisions Maker's schedule Issue Detector Internet Is Beautiful input delay