Automate Covid Screening


Drag this into your bookmarks: Automate Covid Screening

Now, whenever you navigate to the screening site, you'll be able to click the bookmarklet and watch the screening complete itself automatically!


  1. Open Chrome on a desktop (you will only need to do this once in order to set it up)
  2. Copy to clipboard
  3. Click the three dots > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager > Mobile bookmarks
  4. Right click an empty spot > Add new bookmark
  5. Paste the code in URL and give it a memorable name
  6. Now open Chrome on your phone and navigate to the screening site
  7. Type whatever name you gave your bookmarklet in the URL box and click it to run it!

Video tutorial coming soon!

How it works

The code is very simple:

It clicks the Yes, No, or Continue buttons with a 0.2 second stagger each time to wait for the page to load