A place for some cool projects that are worth sharing.

Here you can expect both projects I'm working on and ones that I've finished. Feel free to check them out, and leave some feedback if you find a bug or something you'd like to see. You can check out most of my projects on Github if you'd like.

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Completed - Github

An AI that adapts and grows to individual students' needs. Mathü came first place at the Imagine Hackathon in September 2018.


PHP Webpage Builder

Work in progress - Github

A simple webpage builder with a built‑in code editor. Based on CodeMirror, the editor features autosaving, code folding, & smart suggestions.

Discord Emoji

Discord Emoji Converter

Completed - Github

A convenient tool to convert any message into emoji markup that discord understands.


Email Status

Work in progress - Github

This site validates email addresses using a Rest API. It checks if an email exists as well as if it is disposable or not.

Egyptian Numbers

Egyptian Number Translator


A page that converts numbers from the modern day (base 10) number system to the Ancient Egyptian number system.


Sanskrit Quotes Calendar

Work in progress - Github

This page shows a different सुभाषितम् (sanskrit quote) every day, and each quote is accompanied by a beautiful image.